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Budget Calculator

Our budget calculator will help you determine your expenses and estimate your total available income. You will need to consider all of your resources and the total cost of your education. The budget calculator lists most of the important expenses and resources: tuition, books, and scholarships, for example.

To complete the worksheet: Click on each category link below the Expense and Resource headings to open a box for entering data. Enter numbers in the fields that pertain to you and close the pop-up box by clicking on "Done". When you've finished entering values, click on the calculate button at the bottom to get the total estimated expenses, total estimated resources and income, and the balance of your budget. You may change the value in any field at any time. Just click on the category link in the field, enter the changes, then click calculate. If you want to start over, click the reset button.

To use this calculator, you must have a browser that is JavaScript compatible.

Budget Calculator
Expenses Resources/Incomes
Education: $ Family Contribution: $
Housing: $ Financial Assistance: $
Food: $ Non-Taxable Income: $
Transportation: $ Financial Aid Grants: $
Health: $ Federal Direct Loans: $
Personal/Misc.: $ Loans: $
Entertainment: $ Scholarships: $
In-School Interest: $ Employment: $
Dependent Care: $ Other Inc./Resources: $
Emergencies: $
Other Expenses: $
Total Expenses: $ Total Income: $

Your balance (income - expense) is: $

Last updated February 11, 2009

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