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The Wire and Cable Insulation and Jacketing: Life-Cycle Assessments for Selected Applications (full report) and LCA summary document is now available. The report (and summary) contains the results of an evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of resin systems with alternative heat stabilizer formulations used in Category 6, riser-rated communication cable; Category 6, plenum-rated communication cable; and non-metallic-sheathed low-voltage cable.

Did You Know...?

In 2004, 2.4 billion pounds of copper-insulated wire and cable were manufactured in the United States. The top four subsectors, in descending order, were building wire and cable, telephone and telegraph wire and cable, power wire and cable, and electronic wire and cable.

EPA's DfE Program and the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) entered into a voluntary partnership with representatives of the wire and cable industry to evaluate the environmental impacts of the current standard material formulations and alternative formulations. Specifically, the partnership used a life-cycle assessment approach to examine the impacts of heat stabilizers, polymer systems and flame retardants used in insulation and jacketing for selected wire and cable products. This information will address the information gap on the environmental impacts of the different materials used in wire and cable insulation, and help companies make environmentally sound product and material choices.

For more information about the project, contact DfE.

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