If Variety is the Spice of Life, This is Living!

By Heidi Dickens
Published on 12/04/2003

The job of Educator in Residence varies from year to year, but the primary function is to work with past American Memory Fellows’ lessons on the Learning Page Web site. In between working on lessons with these Fellows from all over the United States, the Educator in Residence gets to present and exhibit at conferences, write articles for magazines and newsletters, conduct workshops and participate in the projects of other members of the busy Learning Page Team.

Previous “Educators in Residence” have been media specialists and classroom teachers. The search for a “fresh voice” from the “trenches” begins in the spring when the job is advertised through the Fellows listserv and with local school districts. The Learning Page staff is looking for that very special candidate who is outstanding in their field, skillful at presenting information effectively, web savvy with strong technical skill, has a keen understanding of sound curriculum and pedagogy, a deep knowledge of the American Memory site and web design skills.

This is by no means an exhaustive summary of the position. Well-qualified and interested individuals should contact the learningpage@loc.gov to learn more about the position of Educator in Residence.

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