Collection Connections/Copyright on the Web

By The Learning Page staff
Published on 02/01/2002

Collection Connections

Collection Connections provide teachers with valuable curriculum links, collection by collection. Formerly dubbed "Learn More About It," Collection Connections now have, according to Library staff, "a new look and joie de vivre." Each Collection Connection provides ideas for linking the specific collection to U.S. history, critical thinking, and arts and humanities. Among the newest Collection Connections available are:

Collection Connections have not yet been completed for every collection. Completed Connections can be accessed from the Collections section of the Learning Page. If a Collection Connections feature has not yet been completed for a collection, the page provides a Summary of Resources. See the Aaron Copland Collection for an example.

Copyright on the Web

"If it's on the Internet, it must be public domain."
"If I found it on a web site, it's free for the taking."

The quotes above, the first from an experienced social studies teacher and the second from a high school student, reflect a common misconception about copyright and this new publishing medium called the Internet/World Wide Web. The ease of publishing on the Web, as well as the simplicity with which content from the Web can be downloaded or cut and pasted into a publishing program, has led some users to the false conclusion that material on the web is not copyrighted.

American Memory Fellow Linda Joseph (AKA the Cyberbee) has prepared a Shockwave presentation on copyright issues. Copyright on the Web, accessible through a link on the Features & Activities section of the Learning Page, was designed for use by students but also contains information helpful to teachers.

The presentation provides answers to 11 commonly asked questions about copyright, from "What is copyright?" to "What is fair use?" and "Does it matter how much of a song or video I use?" Despite its simplicity--the entire presentation can be read through in only a few minutes--the site skillfully covers the basics. More extensive information about copyright is also provided on the Learning Page at

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