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Welcome! Below you will find twelve puzzle sets. Each set challenges you with four or five jigsaw puzzles made from images found in the American Memory collections. As each puzzle in the set is completed, a new puzzle will appear...until you have completed all of the puzzles in that set. You will then have a chance to use what you have learned to discover the Big Picture...the theme the images in the set have in common. Choose a puzzle set below and get started! Good luck...

Build The Puzzle
Find The Images
Solve The Big Picture

Choose Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle piece Heroines & Heroes

Turn of the Century

Rosie the Riveter

A Walk in the Park

Take Me to the Fair

Play Ball!

From Here to There

Play Me a Tune

Summer Days

The Blue and The Gray

Smile for the Camera

Let it Snow


Have Fun!


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Last updated 09/26/2002