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Metro Access to Census

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Take the Metro Green Line toward Branch Avenue and exit at the Suitland stop. Go up the escalator to the Mezzanine level. Proceed past the fare card machines and take the Up Escalator at the sign on the wall which reads To Parking Structure, To Suitland Federal Center Shuttle (SFC). (Do Not exit at the mezzanine level as this level is for Metro buses only.)

At the top of the escalator, continue through the covered bridge until you reach the parking garage.

The access point (Gate 7) to the Suitland Federal Center (SFC) from the Suitland Metro Station is located across from the left-end entrance to the Metro garage. Cross the street using the pedestrian walkway, under the canopy, to the new visitors center, which is located just inside the SFC. Proceed through the main entrance.

Visitors must obtain a Visitor's Pass from the guard. To do so, individuals will need photo identification, along with the name and telephone number of their point of contact at the Census Bureau.

Washington, DC Metrorail System map

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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Created: 8/23/2001
Last Revised: May 04, 2007