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 A letter from David L. Neal, Chief Immigration Judge:  

In 2006, the Attorney General instructed the Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, in consultation with the Immigration Judges, to issue a practice manual for the parties who appear before the Immigration Courts. This directive arose out of the public’s desire for greater uniformity in Immigration Court procedures and a call for the Immigration Courts to implement their “best practices” nationwide. xxxxxxxxxxxTo continue reading

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Updates to the Immigration Court Practice Manual

Board of Immigration Appeals Practice Manual

Table of Contents


TOC             Detailed Table of Contents

Chapter 1     The Immigration Court

Chapter 2     Appearances before the Immigration Court

Chapter 3     Filing with the Immigration Court

Chapter 4     Hearings before Immigration Judges

Chapter 5     Motions before the Immigration Court

Chapter 6     Appeals of Immigration Judge Decisions


Chapter 7     Other Proceedings before Immigration Judges

Chapter 8     Stays

Chapter 9     Detention and Bond

Chapter 10   Discipline of Practitioners

Chapter 11   Forms

Chapter 12   Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Chapter 13   Other Information


For the application of the Immigration Court Practice Manual to cases pending on July 1, 2008, please click here.