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LTE Webinar: Enabling Societal and Personal Communications for a Changing World

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Date: Tuesday, May 12, 200 1-2pm EST
Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST

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The ATIS Technology Conference atSuperComm2009

When: October 21-23, 2009
Where: Chicago, IL

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Service Oriented Networks Webinar: Where Web 2.0 Meets Telco 2.0
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Extensive Compilation of Protection Engineering Expertise Released (Learn more)

ATIS Honors 2009 Annual Award Winners (Learn more)

Announcing the ATIS/3GPP LTE Webinar: Enabling Societal and Personal Communications for a Changing World (Learn more)

ATIS Announces 2009 Award Winners
The ATIS Annual Awards Program recognizes Forum and Committee participants for distinguished service, leadership and major contributions to the development of ATIS standards and the industry. Awards were given in the following categories:
  • Distinguished Service in Communications Standards;
  • Leadership in Standards Development; and
  • Outstanding Contributions to an ATIS Forum or Committee.

View the 2009 AMOC Award Winners.


Priority Work

Service Oriented Networks Forum
ATIS’ Service Oriented Networks (SON) Forum will convene representatives from the telecommunications, IT and Web industries to develop practices necessary to support an open and flexible SON ecosystem. The SON Forum’s work will enable tomorrow’s more adaptable communications networks. Learn more

Home Networking Forum
ATIS’ HNET Forum is the single, comprehensive body responsible for addressing all aspects of home networking standards. The HNET Forum is unique is that it’s the only body to holistically asses the wide variety of on-going home networking standards development work. Learn More

ATIS Initiatives
IPTV Interoperability Forum
ATIS, through the IIF, is developing the industry’s end-to-end solution for IPTV – a suite of globally acceptable standards for the delivery of live broadcast video, content on demand and interactive TV.
Learn More
Our standards committees are collaborating to develop requirements for access using any device, any time, anywhere. The Exploratory Group on Convergence has completed its report and ATIS committees have begun work towards implementation. Learn More

LTE: Toward Mobile Broadband

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ATIS recently completed its LTE: Towards Mobile Broadband Conference held in Dallas, TX .Learn More


New & Noteworthy

ATIS Goes GreenATIS Goes Green
ATIS has launched a new Web site to update members on our Green Initiative and its work toward environmentally sound practices. Learn More


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