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NIA New Investigators

A new NIH research grant award exclusively for New Investigators. See details below under 'MECHANISMS FOR JUNIOR FACULTY' as DP2 award.

When submitting a R01 application, first evaluate whether you are a 'New Investigator' according to the NIH definition. R01 applications from new investigators will be considered among NIA's highest priorities in the use of discretionary funds to make awards selectively. Therefore, such applications may be funded out of strict percentile order. R01 applications from new investigators within five points of the payline described in our funding policy may be selected for payment. Contact your program administrator if you fall within five points of the NIA payline.

First time R01 applicants should identify themselves on the face page of the application and in their "Biographical Sketch' as 'New Investigators'. If you are resubmitting your R01 first revision (0A1) or second revision (0A2), you should continue to identify yourself as a 'New Investigator'.

Apart from the "R01" award NIA offers a variety of mechanisms for junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows to advance their research and career training in aging field:

Research Career Development Awards at NIA

Mentored Research Career Development Awards are offered to individuals at early stages of their career who wish to become independent investigators.






NIH Pathway to Independence (PI) Awards

An early career mechanism for postdoctoral fellows and others with similar standing to facilitate career advancement.

  • PA Number: PA-09-036
  • Expires: January 8, 2012


Note: NIA has specific guidance on the K01 and K23 awards. Click on the 'Title' of each mechanism for details. Salary Caps and Allowable Expenses on NIA Career Awards.





Mentored Research Scientist Development Awards

An early or mid-career award for individuals with some prior postdoctoral research experience.


Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Awards

An award for junior clinicians with little-to-moderate research training who wish to become independent clinician-scientists.

  • PA Number: PA-09-042
  • Expires: January 8, 2012


Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Awards

An award for junior clinicians with little-to-moderate research training who wish to become independent clinician-scientists trained in patient-oriented research.


Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development Awards

An award for relatively junior scientists who have been trained in quantitative disciplines who wish to develop their careers in biomedical research.

  • PA Number: PA-09-039
  • Expires: January 8, 2012


2008 NIH Director's New Innovator Award Program

A roadmap initiative award for junior scientists who must qualify as New Investigator according to NIH definition. This initiative does not allow multiple investigators.

  • PA Number RFA-RM-09-003
  • Expires: May 28, 2009
  • Other Early Stage Mechanisms





    Small Research Grants

    A pilot research grant that is likely to lead to a subsequent individual R01 application focused on advancing aging research.


    Exploratory/Developmental Grants

    A mechanism providing support for the early and conceptual stages of research projects with considerable degree of risk but may lead to major breakthrough in biomedical, behavioral, or clinical aging research.

    Additional Resources

    For detailed information, click on the NIH Office of Extramural Research New Investigator Program.

    How to get a grant from NIA or how to write one, click on the following:

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