Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Items List

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  1. Indian treaty signed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 13 July 1713, and addendum signed at same location, 28 July 1714 (Levi Woodbury Papers).

  2. Letter, John Adams to Thomas Jefferson describing the cordial greeting he received from King George III as the first American minister to Great Britain, 3 June 1785 (Thomas Jefferson Papers).

  3. Letter, James Monroe to Thomas Jefferson seeking foreign policy advice, 17 October 1823 (Thomas Jefferson Papers).

  4. Henry Clay's appointment as secretary of state, 7 March 1825 (Henry Clay Papers).

  5. Manuscript map, probably made by a French voyageur, of Indian lands of eastern Wisconsin, when part of Michigan Territory, annotated by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, ca. 1831 (Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Papers).

  6. Watercolor by George R. West of the Buddhist Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, Macao, China, where the first Sino-American treaty was signed in 1844 (Caleb Cushing Papers).

  7. Woodrow Wilson's speech notes, in shorthand, for his "Fourteen Points" address, [8 January 1918] (Woodrow Wilson Papers).

  8. Memorandum in Russian from Joseph Stalin about opening a second front in Europe during World War II, with English translation of same, 13 August 1942 (W. Averell Harriman Papers).

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