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NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Office of Extramural Programs


Grants Process


NIOSH utilizes the NIH model for the administration of its extramural program. By so doing, NIOSH is able to partner with other components of the U.S. Public Health Service to support occupational safety and health research. This system also ensures that high quality research is funded through the two-step peer review process. For certain types of awards, such as small grants and career development grants, there may be differences among sponsoring Institutes, so please refer to specific announcements for the requirements. If there are questions about NIOSH support, contact the Office of Extramural Programs as listed under “About OEP”, or contact the program administrator whose name appears in the funding opportunity announcement. A good overview of the grants process may be found at the following NIH website:

Grants Policy and Guidance

There are many aspects to preparing and submitting a grant application, as well as receiving and completing a grant. The following NIH website contains information on policies and procedures that applicants must follow.

Forms and Applications

The required grant application form for all NIOSH programs is the Public Health Service (PHS) Form 398. The following website provides access to downloadable forms and instructions for completing the forms.

Receipt Dates

There are different receipt dates for grant applications submitted under Program Announcements (PA) and under Requests for Applications (RFA). An RFA has one receipt date which is specified in the announcement. PAs typically have three standard receipt dates each year, which correspond to three review and award cycles. Information on these cycles is found at the following website:

Occasionally, a PA will have only one specified receipt date per year. It is important for applicants to refer to the funding opportunity announcement for receipt dates.

Peer Review

Applications for support from NIOSH are initially evaluated by peer review groups composed of scientists primarily from the extramural research community. The objective of the initial peer review is to evaluate and rate the scientific and technical merit of the proposed research or research training. It takes place in Scientific Review Groups (SRGs) that are managed by Scientific Review Officers (SROs) who are located in NIOSH and in the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) of NIH, depending on where the application is assigned for review. NIOSH has a chartered SRG called the Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Study Section that reviews applications submitted under NIOSH's general Program Announcements. Members of the SOH Study Section are normally appointed to four-year terms. NIOSH also convenes Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs) to review applications that are submitted in response to special focused Program Announcements and Requests for Applications (RFA's). Members of SEPs are temporary and are appointed only for the duration of a specific review activity.

Scientific Review Group Rosters

Scientific Review Group (SRG) rosters list all appointed members and reflect the total scope of expertise at a meeting. Rosters are posted 30 days before a meeting and are subject to change.

NOTE: All rosters are provided for information purposes only. Do not communicate directly with study section members about your application. Direct all questions only to the SRO in charge of the SRG. Failure to observe this policy will create a serious breach of confidentiality and conflict-of-interest in the peer review process. Likely actions include removal of the investigator's application(s) from immediate review, coupled with delay and deferral of evaluation to a different review group in the following review cycle.

Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Study Section this document in PDF PDF 12KB (2pages)
This is the committee roster listing the permanent members, most appointed to staggered four-year terms.

Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Study Section Meetings
These rosters are for actual SOH Study Section meetings and consist of the attending permanent members and temporary members who are appointed for a specific meeting.

Special Emphasis Panels

SOH Member Conflict

Education and Training



Other Special Emphasis Panels

Following peer review, the NIOSH Secondary Review Committee (SRC) reviews all applications for programmatic relevance and considers issues such as balance of the extramural grant portfolio and potential to contribute to NIOSH goals. The SRC advises the NIOSH and OEP Directors on the conduct and support of research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs related to worker safety and health.

Additional information on the NIH peer review process that NIOSH follows can be found on the following Web site:

Roster Archives

SOH Study Section

Special Emphasis Panels

Just-In-Time Information Submission

After the initial peer review, any applicants whose score is within the range for further consideration will be asked to submit additional information that must be received by NIOSH prior to an award. This information is called "Just-in-Time" information. Guidance for submission of Just-in-Time information is contained in the document below:

Just-in-Time Information Guidance this document in PDF PDF 21KB (1page) Updated September 25, 2007


Grant Closeout

When an extramural project is completed, the principal investigator is responsible for providing certain documents for closing out the project. These requirements, and guidance on preparing the documents are contained in the document below:

Award Closeout Guidance - Grants and Cooperative Agreements Supported by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (updated 4/2/2009)this document in PDF PDF 147 KB (4 pages)