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Office of Extramural Programs



Information on Awards (2003 - 2005)


The following document provides an overview of the NIOSH extramural portfolio, the award process, 2005 awards, and grantee highlights and success stories:

NIOSH Office of Extramural Programs Annual Program Report - Fiscal Year 2005

The following document provides information on fiscal year 2004 extramural awards:

NIOSH Office of Extramural Programs Annual Program Report-Fiscal Year 2004 this document in PDF 2.37 MB (53 pages)

The following document provides information on fiscal year 2003 extramural awards:

NIOSH Extramural Research Awards in Fiscal Year 2003 - New and Continuing Grants and Cooperative Agreementsthis document in PDF 832 KB (247 pages)

Another source of information for NIOSH grants and cooperative agreements that are awarded through the NIH system is the“Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects” (CRISP).
It is a searchable database, so users may look up information in many ways. When you go to the “CRISP Query Form”, the word “occupational” could be typed into the “Enter Search Terms:” box to find all awards that included this word in the project title or description. To find NIOSH awards (code OH), select “CDC” from the drop-down menu in the “Institutes and Centers:” box. An overview of CRISP and a link to the Query Form may be found at the following website:


Awardee Final Reports and Publications


Upon completion of a grant or cooperative agreement project period, awardees submit final reports. Abstracts of final reports are posted on the Internet in the NIOSHTIC-2 resource database. NIOSHTIC-2 is a bibliographic database of occupational safety and health publications, documents, grant reports, and other communication products supported in whole or in part by NIOSH. NIOSHTIC-2 can be found on the Internet at:

To perform a quick search of grant final report abstracts posted in NIOSHTIC-2 by year received, click on the links below:


Ag Center Reports


To assist in the NIOSH mission, in 1990, Congress established a National Program for Occupational Safety and Health in Agriculture within NIOSH to lead a national effort in surveillance, research, and intervention. This program has had a "significant and measurable impact" on reducing adverse health effects among agricultural workers. As part of this program, ten Agricultural Research Centers were established nationally. These Ag Centers conduct research, education, and prevention projects to address the nation’s pressing agricultural safety and health problems. Geographically, the Ag Centers are distributed throughout the nation to be responsive to the agricultural safety and health issues unique to the different regions. Through these efforts, the Ag Centers help to ensure that actions to prevent disease and injury in agriculture are taken based upon scientific findings. The annual reports are offered as an overview resource of the Center’s activities.

Agricultural Center Annual Reports for Fiscal Year 2004:


Education and Research Center Annual Reports


In order to assist NIOSH in meeting the demand for qualified occupational safety and health (OS&H) personnel, and in accord with Section 21(a) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the ERCs were established in 1977. Seventeen Centers are now supported with at least one Center located in each of the ten DHHS Regions. The Centers conduct academic and research training programs as well as continuing education and outreach programs to help meet the training demand. This program has had a significant impact on the prevention of worker exposure to OS&H hazards by supplying OS&H practitioners, researchers, and leaders in the field. The annual reports listed below provide a program summary, description of activities, and discussion of impact for each Center.

ERC Annual Reports for 2007-2008:

ERC Annual Reports for 2006-2007:

ERC Annual Reports for 2005-2006:

State-Based Surveillance

State-Based Surveillance Awards: 2007 Updatethis document in PDF PDF 115 KB (27 pages)

FY 2005 State-Based Surveillance Awardsthis document in PDF PDF 60 KB (17 pages)

Annual Report


FY 2005 Annual Report this document in PDF  PDF 12,163 KB (46 pages)

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