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Avian Flu

Guidance for Protecting Employees Against Avian Flu

Avian influenza, commonly known as "avian flu" or "bird flu," is caused by influenza type A viruses that normally only occur in birds. Avian flu is very contagious among birds and can make some domesticated birds, such as chickens, ducks and turkeys, very sick and kill them. These viruses usually do not infect humans, but in recent years several cases of avian flu infection in humans have been reported.

There are several subtypes of avian influenza A viruses. The subtype that has become of major concern is avian influenza A (H5N1) virus which has caused the deaths of millions of birds and also poses a health risk to humans.

News Release:
    • OSHA Unveils New Guidance for Protecting Employees Against Avian Flu

    • OSHA Guidance Update on Protecting Employees from Avian Flu Viruses  2006 [Español]

Fact Sheet:
    • Fact Sheet   [Español]

Quick Cards to Protect Yourself: Avian Flu
    • General Precautions
    • Poultry Employees
    • Laboratory Employees
    • Animal Handlers
    • Food Handlers
    • Health Care Workers

Safety and Health Bulletin:
    • Avian Flu SHIB for Poultry Workers SHIB 12-13-2004

Other Resources:
    • Pandemic and Avian Flu
      One stop access to US Government avian and pandemic flu information. DHHS
    • Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

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