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Talk It Out Talk It Out

It's important to plan ahead so that during an emergency you know what to do and how to get in touch with other family members! Here's how to create a clear family emergency plan.

First, gather your family members (including your pets!) together for a quick family meeting, maybe over a pizza or before watching your favorite movie.

Then, talk about the following questions and make a list of your family's solutions. Use the tips provided as a guide!

Before you know it you will have a plan in place that everyone in your family can follow. And if an unexpected event does happen you can stay calm; listen to the direction of adults around you, like your teachers or parents and follow your plan.

If there were an emergency and we were not together in the same place ...

How would we get in touch with each other?

A few tips...
  • Decide that each member will call or e-mail the same person. For example, each person will contact Uncle Bob first. If he's not home, each person will contact Aunt Suzie instead.
  • If cell phones are not working, you should try using a land-line phone at a neighbor's or friend's house, or a public telephone. Everyone should have coins or a prepaid phone card to make the call.
  • It might be easier to reach a person who's out of town. You can contact him or her to let them know you're okay.

Where would we meet?

Tips for Selecting a Meeting Place:
  • Choose an easy-to-find location near your home, then practice getting there from different locations around your neighborhood.
  • Also, choose an easy-to-find location outside of your neighborhood in case you can't get home. With your parents, practice getting to that location from school, sports practice, or other places where you have after-school activities.

How would we remain in contact?

Tips for Your Call List:
  • You should keep a copy of your family's contact numbers and meeting place(s) taped to the inside of your binder or homework notebook, in your book bag, or your wallet. Your plan should include all the phone numbers you might need.
  • Remember, you might have trouble getting through on the phone during an emergency. Just keep trying.

What would I do if I were at school?

Tips for School:
  • Make sure your parents talk to your teacher or school principal about the school's emergency plan.
  • Depending on the unexpected event, your school may have a plan in place that will have you stay in your classroom or go somewhere else.
  • The most important things you can do if an emergency happens while you are at school are to stay calm and listen to the direction of your teachers or principal.

What would we do about our pets?

Tips for Pets:
  • Visit the FEMA Web site to find out what pet-related items you will need to include in your supply kit!
  • Make a plan for what you'll do with your pets if you can't take them with you. Remember, you may not be able to take them to a shelter.
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