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Rory, the DaughterRory, the daughter of Rex and Purcilla loves to have fun. She's strong-willed, fearless, determined and is learning how to plan ahead so she can handle any situation with calm confidence!

She loves helping others and is ready to help out during an emergency. Her dad has a special way of getting messages to her - fast - through his best friend, Hector Hummingbird. Rory always listens carefully to this trusted family friend, but she likes to tease him a little bit!

Here's a little more about Rory:

SHE LOVES: Animals and drawing! She has been known to spend all day climbing trees and rocks, swimming, or hiking in the forest looking for unusual insects to draw! She has lots of pets, including an owl and fish!

FAVORITE SUBJECTS: Science, art, and music. She loves to play the drums, and she always jumps at the chance to play with her mom, dad, and friends.

HOBBY: Inventing things! Rory uses objects that she finds around the house to "improve" things like scooters, skates, and sleds!

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