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For the past 30 years Betsy has worked as a feature animator, animation choreographer and spokesperson for the Walt Disney Studios, on such features as The Rescuers, Pete's Dragon, Fox & The Hound, Mickey's Christmas Carol & The Black Cauldron. She continued to develop character concepts, which led to London and the Muppet Show, performing her own character, the Betsy Bird, followed by Shelley Duvall's Faerietale Theatre.

As a Product designer, Betsy created the licensing and character style guide for the Coca-Cola Polar Bears. Her other clients include Universal, Warner Bros., Baby Everywhere, Jimmy Buffett, the Natural History Museum, Shirley MacLaine, Simon & Schuster publishing and Andover fabric.

A dance historian, Betsy is currently producing a Documentary film about early music hall and eccentric, comedy dancing, and is developing the 'Workin' Like A Dog' licensing program and comic featuring her dog Sinbad.

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