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Learn About The Mountain Lion Family


Rex, the DadRex is Rory's dad and Purrcilla's husband. He is an explorer who loves taking his family on adventures! An all-around athlete, he stays in great shape by climbing rocks and trees, swimming across rivers, and running through the forest and plains.

Rory giggles when she calls her dad "the king of the forest," but with his confidence and courage he is a leader that many forest animals are happy to follow. A great teacher, he encourages Rory to use her imagination.

Here's a little more about Rex:

HE LOVES: Making friends! He talks to everyone he meets and loves to learn all about them. Rex knows that everyone has a special story and something great to share.

SKILLS: He has an amazing sense of sight and touch and can find anything!

HOBBY: Cartography (mapmaking). He can map out the roughest territory, the deepest river, and the tallest trees!

FAMILY TIME: Rex, Rory, and Purrcilla love to play music together. Rex made his own guitar from a hollow tree!

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