Ready Kids

Create a family communication plan so you can get in touch with family members. Give copies of contact information and meeting locations to everyone in your family

Options are available: telephones, cell phones, and e-mail are all great ways to get in touch with family members.

Make sure you know the emergency plan at your child's school.

Make a decision about where you will meet in case you can't get home during an emergency.

Understand that it may take time to get through to everyone. Try to be patient.

Needs of your pets should be kept in mind. Keep a pet carrier for easy transport.

Inform yourself. Watch news broadcasts, read online news updates, or listen to a battery-operated radio for official guidance during an emergency, but also prepare in advance.

Copies of your emergency plan should be in your emergency supply kit in case you need to leave in a hurry.

Ask kids to discuss their concerns and feelings. Do they understand the family plan?

Take the kids to visit the "meeting spots" so that they are familiar and feel comfortable finding them on their own if necessary.

Emergencies take many forms. Categorize different types of emergencies and discuss the level of concern related to each and how that is reflected in your family plan.

Ready Kids