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Comic Strips: Supply Kit | Family Plan | Weather Preparedness
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Crossword Puzzle
Acrobat Reader Required, 841Kb  See if you can solve the crossword puzzle. (PDF 841Kb)

Hidden Treasures Activity
Acrobat Reader Required, 2.72Mb Explore the Mountain Lions' home and click to identify objects that would aid "family communication" in an emergency. (PDF 2.72Mb)

Pack It Up Matching Game
Acrobat Reader Required, 582Kb This fun game will help you remember what your family should pack in your emergency supply kit! (PDF 582Kb)

Word Search Game
Acrobat Reader Required, 916Kb See if you can find these hidden words. (PDF 916Kb)

Coloring Pages
Acrobat Reader Required, 2.59Mb Give your creativity a whirl, and try to stay in the lines! (PDF 2.59Mb)

Ready Kids Activity Book and Stickers

Fact Sheets

Ready Kids In-School Materials Developed by Scholastic Inc.

Acrobat Reader Required, 1.49Mb A clear communication plan is key in an emergency. (PDF 1.49Mb)

Just In Case Family Plan
Acrobat Reader Required, 833Kb Print out this page to create a personalized "Just-in-Case" plan with your family! (PDF 833Kb)

Family Supply List
Acrobat Reader Required, 1.71Mb We recommend that every family keep these items close by (PDF 1.71Mb)

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