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Work Group on Minority Aging Newsletter

Edition Contents
  • Encouraging Diversity -- The 2008 Summer Institute on Aging Research
  • Noted Geriatrician Joins NIA as Deputy Director
  • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep—Not Just a Luxury
  • NIA’s Health Disparities Resource Persons Network
  • NIA Launches Spotlight on Aging Research
  • News Flash: Learning How to Talk to the Media
  • SORL 1 Gene Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease: Findings consistent across ethnic and racial groups
  • “Can you explain that again?” Technical Assistance Workshop Helps Decode NIH Grant Application Process
  • In the Neighborhood with Dr. Irene Yen
  • Dr. Harden Named Acting Deputy Director of NIA
  • NIA Launches a Spanish-Language Website for Older Adults
  • Remember: July 18th Deadline for Technical Assistance Workshop
  • Growing Older World-Wide
  • Diversity Converging: The 21st Annual Summer Institute on Aging Research
  • Dr. Keith Whitfield: Then and Now
  • A Unique Twist on Enhancing Health and Longevity
Spring/Summer 2007
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  • A New Look at Global Aging
  • Project ALERT - A New Link for Alzheimer’s Awareness
  • Profile: Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable -- Tackling Cancer Disparities in the Latino Community
  • RCMAR Mentorship
  • Congratulations to New NIA Dissertation Grantees!

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