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Use a fun online tool for a class telling-time competition. (Grades K-3)
EDScoop of the Day
Inadequate sleep linked to behavior problems.
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Thinkfinity Literacy Network: Free online literacy resources for teachers, parents, adult learners, tutors, and volunteers.
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The Weekly Survey
Do you think that today's society places less value on spelling skills?

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A Puzzle a Day: They make great bell-ringer activities. Included: A year of daily puzzles.

Friday Fun: “Four Corners” game a nice reward.

Fitness Month: Ed World “teems” with PE articles, lessons, activities…

Asian Heritage Month: Five lessons and worksheets.

The Civil War: Teach about the war that divided a nation, ended slavery.

Emma McDonald: How to answer the most difficult interview questions.

Math Functions:Functions come to life

Ask Dr. Shore: How can I help my son stand up to peer pressure in middle school?

Reader’s Theater: Is a fifth grader’s "spelling spell" a blessing or a curse?

Earn your Master’s 100% online!
Dominican University: MAEd. Choose
Reading, Elementary Ed, or ESL
The University of Scranton: MS in Edu.
Admin. or Curriculum & Instruction

Reading as a School-Wide Goal: Introduce a reading pledge, reading buddies, and other activities.

Leah Davies: Helping children with perfectionist tendencies.

Exceptional Event: Family Fitness Night (Fitness Month)

Pawlas on PR: Include a special Thank You in your last newsletter.


Bank Check: Students learn how to write a check with this realistic Ed World version.

Tech LP of the Week: Students interpret pictographs and "write" their own.

Gadget of the Week: Jottit -- The perfect site for student-created wikis!

Sites to See: Sports and Fitness sites with lesson plans, fitness info, tips on sport safety, and answers to health questions.

Wire Side Chat: Education World chats with education experts in the news.

Survey Question of the Week: Vote on our weekly question of interest to educators.

Focus On… Check out our weekly Focus on an issue of importance.

Ed Heads: Ed World collects education news of importance from all over.

Expert Columns: Check out a selection of this week’s columns from EW’s columnist team.

Save We Must
Gone are the days when pensions and Social Security could guarantee you a comfortable retirement. Financial planners discuss how to establish financial foundations and then start building savings for retirement or other life plans.

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New! Chapters by Chance! Chapters from great adventure books!

More Gamook Games!

Also, new articles for parents: "Silent Mentoring" and ... "Nutrition Happens!"

Check out these and other features for parents and kids right here!

Castaldo's Corner: Hands-on activities for young learners. New: Making initial consonant sounds books.

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