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  • Listen to a radio or watch television for weather updates. If a tornado is coming you MUST seek shelter. An underground shelter is best, such as a basement or storm shelter. If you don’t have a basement, find an inside room or hallway or closet on the first floor AWAY FROM WINDOWS.

  • If you are at school during a tornado, listen and do what your teacher says.

  • If you are outside and cannot get inside, lie flat in a ditch or ravine. Lie face down and cover your head with your hands.

  • If you are in a car, take shelter in a nearby building.

  • After a tornado, watch for broken glass and power lines that are downed. If you see people who are injured, don’t move them unless they are in immediate danger. Call for help right away!

  • Tornadoes can be very scary. If you are scared, be sure to talk to someone about it.
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