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Integrated System for Holistic Multi-channel Acoustic Exploration and Localization




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    Ishmael is a freeware, multi-purpose acoustic analysis tool. It is primarily for at processing real-time sound, but it can also read sounds from a file, or a sequence of files.

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    Spectrogram of a Blue Whale AB call

    Ishmael includes:

    • spectrogram viewer
    • real-time sound recording
    • acoustic localization methods
    • automatic call detection
    • beamformer
    • log file annotation feature

    Ishmael is capable of processing large amounts of sound data quickly and relatively easily. The sound can be a collection of sound files, or a signal arriving in real time from one or more microphone(s) or hydrophone(s).

    Ishmael is not particularly well-suited to sound exploration-taking an unknown sound and examining it in detail to find out and measure its characteristics. See the links page for software that may fit these needs.

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