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  Monitoring the global ocean through underwater acoustics
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. Acoustic Monitoring Program: Major Events  
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Major Events - Past Hot Topics:
Oregon Offshore Earthquakes: Oregon Quakes (4/14/08)
OPB Oregon Field Guide: Antarctic Research (2/12/08)
NE Pacific seismic activity: Gorda-Blanco-S.JdF (7/30/07)
Sounds of the Southern Ocean: Antarctica (12/06)
NE Pacific seismic activity: Gorda Ridge (3/7/05)
NE Pacific seismic activity: Endeavour Ridge (2/27/05)
Blue whale sounds (52 Hz): Blue whales (1/6/05)
NE Pacific seismic activity: Endeavour Ridge (10/5/04)
Hydrophone data retrieval: Seismicity (4/7/03)
Education Outreach: Saturday Academy (2/3/03)
SCIENCE: Stirring the Oceanic Incubator (5/24/02)
NATURE: Middle Valley Spreading Event (7/29/04)
SIRENA Cruise (Azores-France)

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