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Thread-Topic: New NLM Enviro-Health Link on Swine Flu
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Subject:      New NLM Enviro-Health Link on Swine Flu

The National Library of Medicine Division of Specialized Information Services has released an Enviro-Health Links page on Swine Flu. This page contains links to resources about the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, including transmission, prevention, treatment, and the genetic makeup of the influenza virus. NLM also offers other Enviro-Health Links on topics such as: Arsenic Children's Environmental Health Indoor Air Pollution Keeping the Artist Safe: Hazards of Arts and Crafts Materials Lead Mercury and Human Health<> Outdoor Air Pollution NLM Enviro-Health Links **** NLM-TOX-ENVIRO-HEALTH-L NOTICE **** You are receiving this message as a subscribed member of NLM-TOX-ENVIRO-HEALTH-L, a discussion list available from the National Library of Medicine. To unsubscribe. send email to [log in to unmask] with "SIGNOFF NLM-TOX-ENVIRO-HEALTH-L" in the body of the message. For LISTSERV commands and Frequently Asked Questions, see **************************


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