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NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Office of Extramural Programs


Funding Opportunities

NIOSH announces its extramural research, training, and conference support programs in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Links to these announcements are provided in the sections below. Previous announcements are available through the "Past Funding" links (some previous programs were announced in the Federal Register).

All NIOSH funding opportunities are also posted on ( is the single access point for over 1000 grant programs offered by 26 Federal grant-making agencies. Visitors to can register for e-mail notification of grant opportunities by category and agency.

Research Grants

To maximize the grants program's usefulness in protecting workers, NIOSH funds projects that are both scientifically sound and related to program priorities. Prevention is the thrust of the research program, and studies are supported to identify occupational populations at risk, develop methods for measuring exposures to hazards and detecting adverse health effects, determine the prevalence and incidence of occupational hazards, understand the etiology of occupational diseases and injuries, and reduce or eliminate exposures to hazards. Support is provided for both laboratory and field studies involving humans, as well as laboratory studies with various animal models and cell lines. Acute, subchronic, and chronic investigations are supported. Methods development involves measurement instrumentation, analytical techniques, medical monitoring procedures, and statistical designs to improve accuracy and precision of results. Fundamental or basic research may be supported if the applicant describes in the proposal how the research effort has current or potential utility in dealing with an occupational safety or health concern.

The announcements listed below are published in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts. Each announcement specifies the research priorities of interest, the type of grant activity supported, and the information needed to submit a grant application.

Current Non-Research Grant Opportunities

None at the present time.

Current Research Grant Opportunities


Research Grants

(For previous funding opportunities, see Past Funding.)

NIOSH Sponsored

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PAR-09-138: NIOSH Small Research Grant Program (R03); Contact Person: Susan B. Board, M.S., (404) 498-2530; (Closing Date: September 8, 2012, unless resissued). This announcement replaces PAR-06-551.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PAR-09-139: NIOSH Exploratory and/or Developmental Grant Program (R21); Contact Person: Susan Board, M.S., (404) 498-2530; (Closing Date: September 8, 2012 unless reissued). This announcement replaces PAR-06-552.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PAR-08-070: Career Development Grants in Occupational Safety and Health Research (K01); Contact Person: Lata Kumar, MT (ASCP, MS, MPH, (404) 498-2530; (Closing Date: January 8, 2011). This announcement replaces PAR-04-105.
    NOTICE NO. NOT-OH-09-002: Notice of clarification

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PA-07-318: Occupational Safety and Health Research (R01); Contact Person: Viji Potula, Ph.D., (404) 498-2530; (Closing Date: May 8, 2010 unless resissued). This announcement replaces PA-04-038.

NIOSH Co-Sponsored

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. RFA-CD-09-001: Translating Research to Protect Health through Health Promotion, Prevention, and Preparedness (R18); Contact Number: (404) 498-2530; (Expires April 22, 2009)

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PA-09-080: PHS 2009-02 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH, CDC, FDA and ACF for Small Business Innovation Research Grant Applications (Parent SBIR [R43/44]); Contact Person: Susan Board, MS, 404-498-2530; (Expires January 8, 2010)

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. RFA-ES-09-001: Research to Action: Accessing and Addressing Community Exposures to Environmental Contaminants (R21); Contact Person: Bernadine Kuchinski, Ph.D., (513) 533-8511; (Closing Date: April 2, 2009)

  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PA-08-190: Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Releated Research; Contact Information: Lata Kumar, MT (ASCP, MS, MPH, (404) 498-2530 (Expires September 30, 2011)
    NOTICE NOT-OH-09-003: The purpose of this notice is to include NIOSH participation
  • ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PA-07-019: Understanding and Promoting Health Literacy (R03); Contact Person: Bernadine B. Kuchinski, Ph.D., (513) 533-8511; (Expires January 26, 2010)

Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative agreements provide NIOSH with the ability to arrange collaborative surveillance and research opportunities with state health departments, universities, labor unions, and non-profit organizations. NIOSH provides funding for a broad array of cooperative agreements to develop knowledge that can be used in preventing occupational diseases and injury.

Unlike grants which are conducted independently of the sponsoring agency, cooperative agreements bring together the expertise of federal and non-federal researchers to accomplish public health efforts that would not otherwise occur. In order for a cooperative agreement to be awarded, there must be a clear need for programmatic staff involvement during performance of a proposed project. An evaluation is made to determine that the cooperative agreement is of sufficient priority to warrant the commitment of staff resources required for a collaborative effort during the term of the cooperative agreement award.

Current Cooperative Agreement Opportunities

Cooperative Agreements

(For previous funding opportunities, see Past Funding.)

Training Grants

NIOSH training grants support academic programs that enable students to obtain specialized training in disciplines such as as occupational medicine, occupational health nursing, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, and other closeley related disciplines.

Current Training Grant Opportunities

Training Grants

(For previous funding opportunities, see Past Funding.)


Conference Grants:


NIOSH recognizes the value of supporting high quality scientific meetings that are relevant to the mission of preventing injury, illness, and deaths caused by hazards in the workplace.

(For previous funding opportunities, see Past Funding.)

ANNOUNCEMENT NO. PAR-08-072: NIOSH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (R13); Contact Person: Joan Karr, Ph.D., (404) 498-2530; (Expires January 11, 2011) This is an amendment to PAR-06-014.

Information for FY2009 Mining Research Funds

Information for applicants interested in research in respirable dust control technology related to mining can be found in the following document:

FY2009 Mining Research Funds this document in PDF PDF 31KB (2 pages)