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Retired Hurricane Names

Sometimes names are "retired" if a hurricane has been really big and destructive. It’s like when a sports jersey or number is retired after a really great athlete leaves a sport. When a name is retired it won’t be used again.

Agnes Diana Hortense
Alicia Diane Hugo
Allen Donna Inez
Allison Dora Ione
Andrew Edna Iris
Anita Elena Jane
Audrey Eloise Joan
Betsy Fifi Katrina
Beulah Flora Keith
Bob Fran Klaus
Camille Frederic Luis
Carla Floyd Lenny
Carmen Gilbert Marilyn
Carol Gloria Michelle
Celia Gracie Mitch
Cesar Georges Opal
Cleo Hattie Roxanne
Connie Hazel  
David Hilda  

Do you see your name here?

According to the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory/NOAA

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