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The mission of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center is to generate the scientific information and analysis necessary for the conservation, management, and utilization of the region's living marine resources.

News and Research Highlights

Swine Flu Info
Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More>
Cool Stuff
Juneau Humpback Catalog, Groundfish Survey Data, Glacial Ice Photos, Fish Ageing Demo, Rockfish Game, Fish & Invertebrate Photos
AFSC Divisions
"" Auke Bay Labs
"" Fisheries Monitoring & Analysis
"" National Marine Mammal Lab
"" Resource Assessment &
  Conservation Engineering
"" Resource Ecology & Fisheries
Research Programs
Information on the AFSC's research divisions, programs, projects, and plans.
General Info
Information about the AFSC mission, administration, directory, activities, facilities, directory, jobs, news, links
Information on species of fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and seabirds.
Citations database, stock assessments, tech memos, journal articles, research reports.
Data & Tools
Survey, catch, age and growth, life history, telemetry, interactive maps, spatial data, software.
Photos of fishes, crabs, corals, marine mammals, underwater video, slideshows, posters.
Education & Outreach
Iinformation on internships, careers, job shadow, K-12 science, species ID, and other outreach materials.
Quick Links
NOAA ships Miller Freeman and Oscar Dyson  

Do Silent Ships See More Fish?


Comparisons of walleye pollock backscatter recorded by a conventional research vessl, the NOAA ship Miller Freeman, and the noise-reduced research vessel, the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson, in Alaska. More>

NOAA camper  

Registration for NOAA Science Camp Opens

NOAA's summer camp offers opportunities for seventh and eighth graders to explore marine sciences and have fun at the same time. Held at NOAA’s Seattle facility at Sand Point, July 6-10, and July 13-17. More>.

pollock otolith  

Check It Out ! New Fish Ageing Demo

Want to try your hand at ageing fish bones? Check out the Age and Growth Program's latest interactive fish ageing program: ARD 2.0. Requires Adobe Flash player. More>

passive acoustic bottom recorder deployment  

Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals

The Cetacean Assessment and Ecology Program has increased its use of passive acoustics to detect and monitor marine mammals. In all projects, bottom-moored passive acoustic recorders are being used to collect long-term recording. More>

observer in water  

Refresher Safety Training for Observers

The Fisheries Monitoring & Analysis Division implemented an updated refresher safety training session for prior North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program observers returning to work at sea. More>


Advances in Skate Management and Research

Members of the Status of Stocks & Multispecies Assessment Program designed a new population model for Alaska Skates and initiated what is intended to be a long-term tagging study of skates in summer 2008.  More>

sea ice  

Through-Ice Sampling Workshop Report

A report on the AFSC Fishery Interaction Team's November 2007 workshop on methods for sampling the marine environment under the ice.  AFSC Processed Rep. 2009-02, 52 p.(pdf, 1.86 MB). More >




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