Inspired to Serve

Making an informed decision about Today's Military

Joining the Military is a big decision, and one we hope will inspire discussion among family, friends and trusted advisors. While not meant as a source of current military news (you can find that at, the information on this site will help you carefully weigh the opportunities and benefits service has to offer.

PARENTS: When your child wants to serve. It's a big decision. Talk about it.

Every day, many thousands devote themselves to protecting freedoms, maintaining peace, providing relief and supporting policy around the globe. For many young Americans, the benefits of serving can be tremendous: training, honor, education, travel, pay and self-discovery. However, military service is not for everyone. It requires self-discipline, intense physical work and time away from family and friends while protecting America and its citizens at home and abroad. For some, these commitments impose too great a burden.

Young people need support as they consider their life path. This site aims to help them and their families understand service options and benefits so they can make informed choices. Above all, know that each decision — to serve our country or not to serve — is personal, vital and honorable.

  • The Military is a roadblock to a higher education.
  • Qualified servicemembers can receive more than $70,000 in tuition benefits.
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