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Military funding for college

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GI Bill Benefits Forms (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
The easy way to get the GI bill education benefits forms you need from the VA. Download them from this website! Or to make it even easier to apply, link from this page to VA's Electronic Application Form.
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GI Bill Education Benefits and Services (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
General information, frequently asked questions, and links to Veterans Affairs' education benefits and services under the GI Bill for veterans and dependents/survivors.
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Money for College (US Navy)
Continue your education with money for college from the U.S. Navy. Read about all the options available to you, including the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program, which can pay future officers a salary while they're in college.
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Center for Women Veterans (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
The Center for Women Veterans, within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is the primary advisor all programs, issues, and initiatives for and affecting women veterans. Good links and resources for women veterans.
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Money for School (US Air Force Reserve)
Air Force reservists interested in a college or trade school education may qualify for financial assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill. Find out here if you qualify.
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Education Center (US Army National Guard)
Learn about the continuing education opportunities available to you and your family through the Army National Guard, including college benefits, tuition assistance, scholarships, and a variety of other programs.
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Access to Military Service and Pension Records
Information about how to get copies of military service records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the official repository for those records.
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LifeLines Education Services (US Navy)
Learn about the many educational benefits and programs offered to family members of the Navy and Marine Corps on the Education Services pages of LifeLines, the Navy's award-winning quality-of-life portal for service families.
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US Air Force Enlisted Education
The US Air Force offers enlisted, officer, and healthcare educational opportunities. Start on this page, or follow the links to the officer and healthcare education pages to see what's available to you.
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US Army Education Benefits
Be a full-time soldier and earn credits towards a degree. Find information about earning money for your education, ROTC scholarships, and repaying college loans.
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Navy College Program (US Navy)
Earn your degree while serving in the Navy. The Navy College Program is your one-stop educational resource for college prep, financial aid, academic advice, and all Navy college, training, and officer programs.
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Created by MN Dept. of VA and MN Online to serve the unique higher ed needs of veterans, military members and their families. Information about education benefits, state schools and related issues from a team of experienced advisors and counselors.
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US Coast Guard Institute
Further your education while serving in the US Coast Guard! The Coast Guard Institute is your education center for: college programs, examinations, financial assistance, and getting credit for your Coast Guard experience.
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Naval Postgraduate School (US Navy)
The NPS's mission is to enhance U.S. security through graduate & professional education programs. Students are U.S. military officers and government employees and its allies. Graduate fellowships are available.
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US Naval Education and Training Command
The U.S. Naval Education and Training Command offers both enlisted and officer programs. Some highlights include Command Leadership School, Summer Cruise Program and Navy Military Training. Take a peak at these exciting opportunities!
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DUSA Scholarships   EXIT disclaimer
The Society of Daughters of the U.S. Army (DUSA) offers $1,000 scholarships to the daughters and granddaughters of active duty or retired Army officers. Find out if you're eligible and how to apply at this website.
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Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society   EXIT disclaimer
NMCRS offers education programs to help eligible Navy and Marine Corps families pursue their academic goals by providing a source of education financing. Awards are provided solely on the basis of the applicant's financial need.
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