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Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

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  • Secretary, Janet Napolitano
  • Deputy Secretary, Jane Holl Lute
  • Chief of Staff for Operations, Jan Lesher
  • Chief of Staff for Policy, Noah Kroloff
  • General Counsel (acting), David A. Martin
  • Under Secretary, Management, Elaine Duke
  • Deputy Under Secretary, National Protection & Programs Directorate, Philip Reitinger 
    • Assistant Secretary (acting), Office of Cyber Security and Communications, Rear Admiral Mike Brown
    • Assistant Secretary (acting), Infrastructure Protection, James Snyder
  • Assistant Secretary (acting), Office of Policy, Richard Barth
    • Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, Alan Bersin
    • Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy Development, Richard C. Barth
    • Assistant Secretary (acting), Private Sector Office, Bridger McGaw
    • Assistant Secretary, Office of Intergovernmental Programs, Juliette Kayyem 
    • Assistant Secretary, State and Local Law Enforcement, Edmund M. "Ted" Sexton, Sr.
  • Under Secretary (acting), Science & Technology, Bradley Buswell
  • Under Secretary (acting), Office of Intelligence & Analysis, Roger Mackin
  • Deputy Director (acting), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Michael Aytes
  • Commandant, United States Coast Guard, Admiral Thad W. Allen
  • Commissioner (acting), United States Customs and Border Protection, Jayson Ahern
  • Assistant Secretary (acting), United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), John P. Torres
  • Administrator (acting), Federal Emergency Management Agency, Nancy Ward
  • Director, United States Secret Service, Mark J. Sullivan
  • Assistant Secretary/Administrator (acting), Transportation Security Administration, Gale Rossides
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman, Michael Dougherty
  • Officer for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties (acting), Timothy J. Keefer
  • Director of the Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement (acting), John Leech
  • Director of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (acting), Chuck Galloway
  • Director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Connie L. Patrick
  • Federal Coordinator (acting), Recovery and Rebuilding of Gulf Coast Region, Paul Conway
  • Assistant Secretary (acting), Office of Health Affairs/Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jon R. Krohmer
  • Inspector General, Richard L. Skinner
  • Assistant Secretary (acting), Office of Legislative Affairs, James Howe
  • Director Operations Coordination, Roger T. Rufe, Jr. (USCG Ret)
  • Chief Privacy Officer, Mary Ellen Callahan  

This page was last reviewed/modified on April 30, 2009.