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Compliance Information
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Compliance Assistance Page

MSHA's Major Laws, Regulations and Policies
 Federal Mine Safety Act of 1977 (the Act)
 Mine Improvement and New Emergency
    Response Act of 2006 (the MINER Act)
 Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR)
 Program Information Bulletins
 Program Policy Manual
 Program Policy Letters
 Procedure Instruction Letters
 Statutory and Regulatory Information
 MSHA's Good Guidance Documents

Current Rulemaking
 Current Federal Register Documents (2009)
 Unified Agenda
 Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
 Proposed Rules
 Public Comments
 Federal Register Documents
 Transcripts of Public Hearings on Proposed Rules
 Regulatory Economic Analysis
DOL Quick Links

Current Rulemaking
   Single Source Pages

 MSHA's Handbook Series
 Understanding the Assessment Process
 Categories of Civil Penalties
 Alternative Case Resolution Initiative
 Top 20 Violations

Compliance Tools
 Interactive Training Products
 Forms/Online Filing
 Petitions for Modification
 Compliance Guides
 ELaws Advisors
 Technical Assistance to Mine Equipment Repair/Rebuild Facilities

 Paperwork Reduction Act Submissions
 Miscellaneous Notices and Meetings
 Advisory Committee Meetings
 Memorandum of Understanding
    Between MSHA and OSHA (1979)
 MSHA Fact Sheet (PDF)
 Hoja Del Hecho de MSHA (PDF)

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