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  • Recovery for Auto Communities: The Department of Labor's has electronic and telephone tools that can assist automotive workers in their efforts to find jobs, training, education, and support services in their communities. This web page describes those tools and summarizes additional resources available to workforce professionals and other intermediaries who can assist autoworkers with their transition.
More about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Green Jobs
ETA will be a key resource to the Administration’s “Green Jobs” initiative.  The Green Jobs Act would support on-the-ground apprenticeship and job training programs to meet growing demand for green construction professionals skilled in energy efficiency and renewable energy installations. The Act envisions sound and practical energy investments for 3 million new jobs by helping companies retool and retrain workers to produce clean energy and energy efficient components or end products that will result in residential and commercial energy savings, industry revenue, and new green jobs throughout the country. 

To better serve the workforce system and its efforts to support green jobs and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ETA has developed a draft green jobs framework for action. The framework identifies the foundational and operational elements required for serving the needs of the workforce system and its customers. It is designed to promote the development of new and existing green jobs, and hasten widespread employment in green careers across several industry sectors.

Click here for information on the WIRED initiative Wired Talent Driving Prosperity

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