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Transition to Electronic Grant Applications

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has begun its transition to electronic receipt of grant applications. In conjunction with the change from paper to electronic filing, the current PHS 398 application will be replaced by the Standard Form (SF) 424 Research and Related (R&R) application. These changes will be phased in from December 2005 through the fall of 2009.

Electronic Application Process

There are six steps in the process:

  1. Prepare to Apply
  2. Find Opportunity and Download Application Package
  3. Prepare Application
  4. Submit Application to
  5. Check Submission Status in Commons
  6. Check Assembled Application

Application guides for SF 424 (R&R) forms—Version 2 now available


Transition Strategy and Timeline by Grant Program
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Avoiding Common Errors
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Where to Get Help at AHRQ, NIH,, and eRA Commons
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Navigating the Process—Finding and Applying for Grants , Getting a DUNS number, Vendor Database, Policies and Guidelines, Forms and Instructions
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Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Grant Application
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News and Updates
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NIH Guide Notices and Announcements

Official notices and announcements about transition to electronic application for grants.

Potential Erroneous Notices from
Error-Correction Window Extended for All Electronic Applications with Submission Deadlines through the End of February 2009
Adobe-Based Grant Application Forms Now Available for All NIH Funding Opportunity Announcements Requiring Electronic Submission
Announcing a Delay in Transition to Electronic Submission of Applications for Individual National Research Service Awards (Fs)
      and Confirming Plans to Transition Individual Research Career Development Awards (Ks)
NIH Encourages Applicants to Take Advantage of Subscription-based Electronic Mailing Lists for Updates on Electronic Applications and the eRA Commons
NIH/AHRQ Set Transition from PureEdge to Adobe Application Forms for December 2008 and Plan Subsequent Transition of Remaining
      Mechanisms to Electronic Submission
NIH/AHRQ Confirms Plans to Transition the G7, G8, G11, G13, G20, S11, S21 and S22 to Electronic Applications and Announces
     Delay in Transition of K, F, T and Complex Grant Programs
Possible Page Limit Reduction for Research Project Grant Application (R01)
Change in Standing Receipt Dates for NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Beginning in January 2007
NIH/AHRQ Now Using Version 2 of SF424 (R&R) and Agency-Specific Electronic Forms for SBIR/STTR, Conferences/Scientific Meetings,
     and Other Specific Funding Opportunities
Reminder: All R18/U18, C06/UC6 and R25 Grant Applications Must Use the SF 424 (R&R) Application Form and Apply through for the
     October 1, 2006 Submission Date and Beyond
NIH/AHRQ to Update/Post FOAs with New SF424 (R&R) and PHS 398 Electronic Forms
Reminder: All R03, R21, R21/R33, R33 and R34 Grant Applications Must Use SF424 (R&R) and for the June 1, 2006, Submission Date and Beyond
NIH Announces Change in Business Process: Replacing Principal Investigator Signature on Grant Applications, Progress Reports, and Prior Approval
     Requests with an Institutional Compliance Requirement
NIH/AHRQ Announce Change in Business Process Concerning eRA Commons Verifications of Electronically Submitted Applications
NIH Announces Interim Changes to the PHS398 Application and Instructions
NIH Announces Interim Changes to the PHS2590 Noncompeting Progress Report Forms and Instructions
Change in Time of Submission/Receipt of NIH Electronic Grant Applications to

Current as of February 2009


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