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Name and Address Validation in CCR FAQs

Q) I am updating/renewing my CCR record and noticed that the D&B information provided requires modification.   How can I update this data?

A) When information needs to be changed or updated you can go to and modify the information. After you make the desired changes, D&B confirms the changes made with your record. You then go to and click on Update/Renew, check the data, and accept the modified information if it is correct. The time frame for the changes to take effect is usually 24 to 48 hours after D&B confirms the change, but may vary from country to country.

Q) I contacted D&B to make changes and the new information is still not showing in the update/renew section of CCR. What do I do?

A) If it has been more than two business days since you received confirmation from D&B that your D-U-N-S record has been modified, return to the Update/Renew link at CCR to accept the changes. If changes to your Legal Business Name, Doing Business As (DBA), Physical Address, or Postal Code/Zip+4 are not displayed, please contact D&B at Provide your D-U-N-S Number and Legal Business Name in the e-mail.

Q) I received a D&B error code when attempting to Update/Renew my CCR record.   What is required to move forward?

A) Please contact D&B at indicating the error code you received. Be sure to include your D-U-N-S Number and contact information in the email.   A D&B representative will contact you to resolve the issue.

Q) I have learned that my organization has a new D-U-N-S Number.   How do I update my CCR record?

A) Please contact D&B at indicating the old and new D-U-N-S Number(s). A D&B associate will respond by verifying the correct D-U-N-S Number for your organization. Additional information will be provided if changes to your CCR record are required.

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