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Extract Changes Coming, CCRv4.07.1

To ALL CCR Extract Users

Contact information can be found at the bottom of this message.

SUBJECT: CCR Version 4.07.1 Extract changes

Dear CCR Extract User,

With the next CCR release, the layout of the current CCR Standardized Extract will change to incorporate changes being made to CCR in support of SBA Size Standards and the future addition of external certification indicators.

SBA NAICS Size Standards - A major change to CCR is in support of the Small Business Administration (SBA) initiative to properly reflect in CCR the determination of Small/Other than Small and Emerging Small business designations. As these determinations are only made on individual North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, they will be reflected at that level only in CCR v4.07.1. In addition, the handful of NAICS codes that have exceptions to the general size standard will now reflect the exception determination as well.

What does this mean? It means that the CCR Business Types 21/Small Business and B2/Emerging Small Business will be retired. The current Yes/No flag showing SBA determinations (now including the exception breakdown when applicable) will be tied to each NAICS code chosen by the CCR registrant. This change affects any CCR Extract users that currently use the above mentioned CCR Business Types.

New elements for the size exception determinations will be added to the January release version of the current standardized master CCR extracts to show the determinations and exception determinations at the NAICS level only.

New Extract Layout Information

In order to allow for preparation time we are posting the new documentation for the following CCR Extracts. If the extract you currently pick up is not listed then it does not have a layout change.

  • CCR FOUO Extract (BFDnnnnn/BFRnnnnn)
  • CCR Proprietary Extract (BPDnnnnn/BPRnnnnn)
  • CCR Sensitive Extract (BSDnnnnn/BSRnnnnn)
  • CCR Complete Extract (BCDnnnnn/BCRnnnnn)

You can view the new (now current) documentation by clicking going to the CCR Extracts Documentation.

For questions on access to CCR Extracts, please contact

General CCR questions, CCR Assistance Center:

For technical assistance on Extract downloads please contact

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