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  CCR Update v3.06.2 - 04/28/2006
Notes: JWOD Business type will no longer be a self-certified value. CCR will be fed validated DUNS numbers from the Committee charged with JWOD validation. Only those Non Profit agencies on the validated list will be marked as JWOD in CCR.

  CCR Update v3.06.1 - 01/30/2006
Notes: A new choice for Small Agricultural Co-operative business type went into effect on Jan 30, 2006. If a vendor selects this new business type within their CCR registration, the code will be included in CCR extracts and XML. If selected, this code will also be viewable on all web applications such as CCR search and CCR tools. The definition for 'small agricultural cooperative' can be found at http://www.sba.gov/size/indexglossary.html

  CCR Update v3.06.1 - 01/30/2006
Notes: DUNS+4 registrations being restricted to EFT data went into effect on Jan 30, 2006. This changes the way the DUNS +4 records will be processed. Only the primary DUNS CCR POC will be able to make changes to DUNS+4 records. In addition, this will only allow changes to be made to the EFT portion of the CCR record. The Duns+4 records will otherwise carry the registrant's information from the primary DUNS CCR Registration. The CAGE Codes on all DUNS+4 records will not be affected by this change, they will continue to receive a unique CAGE Code

  CCR Tools v3.06.1 - 01/30/2006
Notes: D&B Linkage Monitoring went into effect on Jan 30, 2006. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), in the past, provided changes to corporate linkage (heirarchy) information to CCR on a 30 day cycle. This created the possibility of a lag in data updates hitting CCR. Linkage Monitoring will cut this lag down to 24 hours once the change hits the D&B Worldbase database. The use of D&B data in ORCA and the need to certify this data has prompted the need to get company heirarchy changes into the system far more quickly. Linkage Monitoring will provide more rapid updates to the linkage data within CCR; as a result the data will be modified more frequently. Displaying data for parent companies, or ownership changes will support the novation process for contracting. The Linkage Monitoring data will be viewable by the CCR registrant in his CCR Trading Partner Profile (TPP) and CCR registration. Government authorized users (such as finance or contracting officers) will have access to D&B Linkage data in CCR Tools or CCRXML. Extracts to U. S. Federal government agencies will also contain the D&B Linkage data. Foreign firms or US firms with foreign parent activities may not be updated via Linkage Monitoring.

  CCR Update v3.06.1 - 01/30/2006
Notes: D&B Error Codes Processing improvement went into effect on Jan 30, 2006. D&B will provide better descriptive information to CCR to present useful guidance to the registrant. In the past, there were multiple D&B error codes with the same message. In the future, due to updates and improvements to the D&B toolkit and monitoring applications, new error/return codes may occur. The new application process developed by CCR will allow for future new D&B Error Codes to carry their own unique user messages. For each error code CCR will display the descriptive information from D&B about the cause of the error and actions to take. This also affects CCR Tools v3.06.1.

  CCR Update v3.06.1 - 01/30/2006
Notes: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business - On the Corporate Information page in CCR Update, if you select the Business Type 'Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, the Veteran Owned Business will be auto-selected for you.

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