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Researching the effects of underwater hydrothermal venting systems
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  Vents Geology Program  

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The NOAA/VENTS Geology Program aims to understand how submarine volcanic activity affects hydrothermal venting along the mid-ocean ridge system. The ultimate heat source for all hydrothermal venting is molten rock within the Earth. Individual volcanic events bring this heat close to the surface where it can be released into the ocean, along with chemicals that sustain unique biological environments (both on and below the seafloor). Therefore, we are especially interested in studying the sites of recent submarine eruptions. Our current efforts are mainly focused on the Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges in the NE Pacific. (Image above courtesy of Daniel J. Johnson).

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Recent submarine eruptions
Instruments and methods
Video clips from the seafloor
Study areas
Upcoming plans

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NOAA/PMEL, Principal Investigator
Ridge crest processes and seafloor mapping
CIMRS/Oregon State University, Associate Professor
Volcanology and seafloor deformation
CIMRS/Oregon State University, Research Scientist
Seafloor mapping and data processing
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