19th Century Schedule

Classify here works and reprints of works published between 1801-1913. Classify here translations
of works originally published from 1801-1913 only if the translation itself is published from 1801-1913.

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19th Century Schedule Outline
Class Number Ranges Class Names
QS-QSB Anatomy. Teratology. Histology. Embryology
QT-QTB Physiology. Diet. Hygiene
QU-QVB Biochemistry. Pharmacology. Pharmacy. Toxicology
QW-QX 22 Microbiology. Immunology. Parasitology
QY-QZA Clinical Pathology. Pathology
W-WBN Medicine. Public Health. Practice of Medicine
WC-WCK Communicable Diseases
WDA-WDD Other Diseases. Hypersensitivity. Animal and Plant Poisons
WE-WEA Musculoskeletal System
WF-WG 22 Respiratory System. Cardiovascular System
WH-WH 22 Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
WI-WIC Digestive System
WJ-WJA Urogenital System
WK-WKA Endocrine System
WL-WMB Nervous System. Psychiatry
WN-WN 22 Radiology
WO-WOB Surgery. Military Surgery
WP-WQ 22 Gynecology. Obstetrics. Midwifery
WR-WR 22 Dermatology
WS-WS 22 Pediatrics
WT-WT 22 Geriatrics
WU-WUA Dentistry
WV-WVB Otolaryngology
WW-WW 22 Ophthalmology
WX-WX 22 Hospitals
WY-WYA Nursing. Military Nursing

19th Century Schedule
Class Numbers Class Names
QS Anatomy. Teratology
QS 22       Directories (Table G)
QSA Histology
QSB Embryology
QT Physiology
QT 22       Directories (Table G)
QTA Hygiene
QTB Diet
QU Biochemistry
QU 22       Directories (Table G)
QV Pharmacology. Pharmacy. Materia medica
QV 22       Directories (Table G)
QVA       Pharmacopoeias (Official)
QVB Toxicology
      (Use WDC for animal or plant poisons)
QW Microbiology
QW 22       Directories (Table G)
QWA Immunology
QX Parasitology
QX 22       Directories (Table G)
QY Clinical pathology
[QY 22]       [Directories. Use QZ 22]
QZ Pathology
QZ 22       Directories (Table G)
QZA Neoplasms
W Medicine (General)
W1       Serials, Periodicals
W2       Documents
W3       Congresses
         NLM no longer assigns W3 to newly acquired publications.
W4       Dissertations
W4 A       American dissertations
W5       Collections by several authors
W6       Pamphlet volumes
W 22       Directories (Table G)
W 26       Equipment and supplies
W 600       Medical jurisprudence
WA Public health
WA 22       Directories (Table G)
WAA       Sanitation.Water supply
WAB       Military hygiene
WAC       Relief work. Disaster
WB Practice of medicine
WB 22       Directories (Table G)
WBA       Popular medicine. Domestic medicine
WBB       Diagnosis
WBC       Therapeutics (General)
WBD       Dietetics. Diet therapy
WBE       Electric stimulation therapy. Magnetic field therapy. Galvanism
WBF       Hydrotherapy
WBG       Massage
WBH       Climatotherapy. Geography of disease. Medical topography
WBI       Health resorts. Balneology
WBJ       Special systems (General)
WBK           Homeopathy
WBL           Osteopathic medicine
WBM       Military medicine
WBN       Naval medicine
WC Communicable diseases (General)
WC 22       Directories (Table G)
WCA       Sexually transmitted diseases
WCB       Cholera
WCC       Diphtheria
WCD       Influenza
WCE       Leprosy
WCF       Malaria
WCG       Plague
WCH       Smallpox
WCI       Typhoid fever
WCJ       Typhus fever
WCK       Yellow fever
WDA Deficiency diseases. Metabolic diseases (including obesity and disorders of acid-based balance)
WDB Hypersensitivity
WDC Animal poisons. Plant poisons
WDD Motion sickness. Barotrauma. Sunstroke. Hypothermia
WE Musculoskeletal system. Orthopedics
WE 22       Directories (Table G)
WEA       Fractures. Dislocations. Sprains
WF Respiratory system
WF 22       Directories (Table G)
WFA       Tuberculosis
WG Cardiovascular system
WG 22       Directories (Table G)
WH Hemic and lymphatic systems
WH 22       Directories (Table G)
WI Digestive system
WI 22       Directories (Table G)
WIA       Stomach
WIB       Anus and rectum
WIC       Liver
WJ Urogenital system
WJ 22       Directories (Table G)
WJA       Male genitalia
WK Endocrine system
WK 22       Directories (Table G)
WKA       Diabetes
WL Nervous system
WL 22       Directories (Table G)
WLA       Epilepsies
WM Psychiatry. Mental healing. Hypnosis therapy
       (Use BF for parapsychological aspects of hypnosis)
WM 22       Directories (Table G)
WMA       Substance-related disorders
WMB       Military psychiatry
WN Radiology
WN 22       Directories (Table G)
WO Surgery
WO 22       Directories (Table G)
WOA       Anesthesia
WOB       Military surgery
WP Gynecology
WP 22       Directories (Table G)
WPA       Breast
WQ Obstetrics. Midwifery
WQ 22       Directories (Table G)
WR Dermatology
WR 22       Directories (Table G)
WS Pediatrics
WS 22       Directories (Table G)
WT Geriatrics. Chronic disease. Longevity
WT 22       Directories (Table G)
WU Dentistry. Oral surgery
WU 22       Directories (Table G)
WUA       Military dentistry
WV Otolaryngology. Nose
WV 22       Directories (Table G)
WVA       Ear
WVB       Throat. Larynx
WW Ophthalmology
WW 22       Directories (Table G)
WX Hospitals
WX 2       Serial reports of hospitals (Table G)
WX 22       Directories (Table G)
WY Nursing
WY 22       Directories (Table G)
WYA       Military nursing
  History of medicine
       Use WZ schedule in full.
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