Changes to the length of grant applications are being phased in gradually; check the FOA of interest for specific details. Restructuring of grant applications will begin with applications submitted for receipt dates in January 2010. See the timeline for more details.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a longstanding history of supporting the most promising and meritorious research. The increasing breadth, complexity, and interdisciplinary nature of modern research has necessitated a more formal review of the NIH peer review system. In March 2008, the NIH announced the end of a year-long diagnostic phase and release of the final report. The report identified the most significant challenges and proposed recommendations that would enhance the peer review system.

Fund the best science, by the best scientists,
with the least amount of administrative burden.

Phases of Process

Areas of Implementation

The final set of recommendations is organized into the following four priority areas.

  • Engage the Best Reviewers
  • Improve the Quality & Transparency of Review
  • Ensure Balanced & Fair Reviews Across Scientific Fields & Career Stages, & Reduce Administrative Burden
  • Continuous Review of Peer Review


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