Caring for Someone with Dementia in a Disaster

If You Know a Disaster is About to Occur

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Advance Preparations

Safe Return

As a precaution, register your loved one in the Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return program.

Emergency Kit

Consider preparing an emergency kit in advance.  Keep it in a watertight container and store it in an easily accessible location.  Your emergency kit might include:

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Tips for If You are Relocated

In an emergency, people with dementia and their caregivers may find themselves uprooted or displaced to alternative living arrangements.  Extra care and attention must be made to ensure the health and safety of the people with dementia.  The change of location, plus unfamiliar noises and activities, may cause them increased stress and confusion.  And, certain behaviors of persons with Alzheimer’s may puzzle or alarm others.

Be calm and supportive

Create a safe environment

Take care of your loved one and yourself

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