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Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders Disposition Tables

Editorial note:
These tables list all Proclamations and Executive Orders issued during the period April 13, 1945 - January 20, 1989, along with their amendments and current status.

Earlier proclamations and Executive orders are included if they were amended or otherwise affected by documents issued during the 1945-1989 period.

The amendments column is a historical listing which includes all amendments affecting a document, regardless of its current status. Additionally, if a document is no longer current, the documents it had affected are included in this column in italics. The listings may contrast with those noted in the texts of the documents codified in this volume, as the textnotes contain only references to amendments currently in effect.

The final disposition column in the tables indicates the status of each document as of January 20, 1989. If a proclamation or Executive order had general applicability and continuing effect at that time, it is included in this volume, and the final disposition column states the chapter and page where it is codified. When the final disposition column indicates that a proclamation or Executive order amends a document, the changes have been incorporated into the text of that document, which can be located in this volume by referring to its listing in the tables.

Documents not included in this volume

If a proclamation or Executive order had no legal effect on January 20, 1989, its text is not included in this volume. As indicated in the final disposition column, these documents are revoked or superseded; temporary, that is, effective for a period of time stated in the document, or executed and now obsolete; hortatory; or the authorities under which they were issued have been repealed or otherwise affected.

Also excluded are documents which:
(1) affect lands in the public domain (occasionally affected by Public Land Orders, or PLO's, and listed in the final disposition column as "Public lands"), for which complete, updated information is available from the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management or the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service;
(2) documents which amend selective service regulations (listed as "Selective Service"), which are codified at Chapter 16 of Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations; and
(3) documents which affect the Tariff Schedules of the United States (listed as "Tariff"), for which complete, updated information is available from the United States International Trade Commission. The full text of each of these documents has been published in the Federal Register and Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The Disposition Tables list the current status of Executive Orders.

For additional information on documents not included in this table, please contact the Presidential Documents and Legislative Division, Office of the Federal Register, on 202-523-5230.

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