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The National Archives is dedicated to providing access to the historic documents and artifacts that form the fabric of our national experience. To promote access to these records, the National Archives makes its holdings available to the public through its traveling exhibition program so citizens across the country can see these records first hand.

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Eyewitness:  American Originals from the National Archiveschild with coal dust on face

Drawing on rarely displayed documents, audio recordings, and film footage culled from the extensive holdings of the National Archives and its Presidential libraries, "Eyewitness" features first-person accounts of watershed moments in history.
Online Exhibit

Tour Itinerary:

October–December 2008 Durham Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, NE

Previous Traveling Exhibits

The Way We Worked:   Photographs from the National Archivesman with headphones
Work and the workplace went through enormous changes between the mid 19th century, when 60 percent of Americans made their living as farmers, and the late 20th century, with its shift from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy. "The Way We Worked" reveals the effects of industrialization, urbanization, immigration, labor unrest, wars, and economic depression on ordinary working Americans, whether they toiled in a coal mine, on a tractor, at a typewriter, or on an assembly line.
Online Exhibit

Tour Itinerary:

June 9–August 19, 2007 Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, MO
September 8–December 18, 2007 Central Florida Community College, Ocala, FL

Picturing the Century:   One Hundred Years of Photography from the National ArchivesChildren looking out of window
The National Archives surveyed the millions of photographs in its holdings to create an exhibit exploring the role of photography in our national life over the last century.
Online Exhibit

Tour Itinerary:

May 19–July 15, 2007 Sunrise Civic Center, Sunrise, FL

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