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Kids Build A Tornado Safe Room

Photo of the "Safe Room" Team of Ft. Morgan Middle School
The "Safe Room Team" of Ft. Morgan Middle School.

Students from Ft. Morgan Middle School in Colorado have constructed a full-size free standing tornado safe room as part of their community's Project Impact program.

The students plan to take the shelter around the community to show the importance of having a safe place to go in the event of a tornado or windstorm.

Photo of two students drilling into wood.
Students build safe rooms and team spirit in Ft. Morgan, CO.

"I think it will help, because it will show them that there is a thing they can do to help them be safe in a tornado and stuff," one student said.

They used plans from Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a safe room inside your house, a publication developed by FEMA in collaboration with the Wind Engineering Research Center of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. When built according to the plans, safe rooms can withstand winds and flying debris traveling at up to 250 miles per hour.

The students learned how to layout and strengthen walls using king studs, trimmers and headers

"We wanted to create some real life experience for the kids to connect what they did with the world outside of our school here," said Pat Halley, Principal of Fort Morgan Middle School.

To order a copy of the safe room booklet and the accompanying construction plans and specifications, call 1-888-565-3896 and request a copy of FEMA publication 320.

For more information on safe rooms, visit FEMA's Saferoom Page.

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