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Computational Methods, Algorithms, and Parallel Computing

The High Performance Computing and Informatics Office (HPCIO), provides expertise and resources in high performance computing, computational science, biomedical informatics, and modern information technology to the NIH scientific community.


  • To develop high performance computational methods and algorithms to analyze biomedical data and to simulate complex biological systems.
  • To develop knowledge-based data management systems for the discovery of biomedical knowledge, including medical image repository systems. To provide high performance computing resources and software tools to NIH researchers, including special-purpose parallel computing machines.
  • To collaborate with NIH researchers and colleagues at other research centers in applying information technology to biomedical research problems.



    List of relevant conferences (2008)

HPCIO consists of:

  • Office of the Chief
  • Biomedical Informatics Activity
  • Computer Systems Support Group
  • High Performance Computing Activity
  • Scientific Database Activity

Chief: Dr. Calvin A Johnson, Ph.D.

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