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e-file for Tax Professionals


Individual (1040) e-file Began January 16, 2009

  • Tax professionals e-filed 57.4 million individual tax returns in 2007 out of the 80 million total e-file receipts.
  • The IRS is making it easier for you to conduct business electronically.
  • The growing trend is clearly toward electronic filing and paying.
  • Electronic filing and paying can help you solidify client relations.

Arranged Alphabetically

2008 Tax Year IRS e-file of Individual Income Tax Returns
Important information for Authorized IRS e-file Providers for Tax Year 2008 Individual Income Tax Returns. Includes IRS e-file Calendar, Error Reject Codes (ERC), Self-Assist Solutions, IRS e-file Updates, Accepted Forms and Schedules, Country Codes, Form Field References and other important information. This page contains the information that was previously included in Publication 1345A, which is no longer published.

7216 Updated Rules for Tax Preparers (Updated 11/06/2008)
New regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 7216, Disclosure or Use of Tax Information by Preparers of Returns, become effective January 1, 2009.

Application to Participate in IRS e-file
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the e-file application process.

Authorized IRS e-file Provider Locator Service For Tax Professionals
This service allows you to identify and locate Electronic Return Originators (EROs), Transmitters, Software Developers, and Intermediate Service Providers through interactive database searches.

Become an Authorized e-file Provider
The IRS e-file Application Process is outlined in three easy steps.

Business e-file
Electronic filing is available for Employment Taxes, Information Returns, Corporations, Partnerships, Estates & Trusts as well as returns for Charities & Non-Profits.

Business e-file Providers & Partners
Find an e-file solution for electronically filing your clients' business returns using the services of one of our providers or partners. Be sure to check out the special offers from our e-file for Business Partners.

Circular 230 Practitioners, who qualify as Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, or Enrolled Agents, eligible to practice before the IRS, may obtain access to e-Services incentive products (Disclosure Authorization, Electronic Account Resolution and Transcript Delivery System) whether they participate in IRS e-file or not. For more information, check the FAQs or e-Services Access instructions.

Corporations - e-file for Large and Mid-Size Corporations
Certain large and mid-size corporations are required to electronically file their Forms 1120 and 1120-S. Other corporations may do so voluntarily. This page provides e-file information for corporations that prepare and transmit their own electronic corporate income tax returns and those that use the services of third party tax professionals.

e-file Made Easy - A Tax Professional's One-Stop e-file and e-Pay Shop
Your link to all things e-file and e-pay - Designed as an easy to follow, one-stop resource center for IRS e-file and e-payment information.  

e-file Sanctions and Revocation
Failure to adhere to IRS e-file rules in Publication 3112, IRS e-file Application and Participation, and other IRS e-file publications may result in sanctioning of Authorized IRS e-file Providers, or in revocation of participation in IRS e-file.

egov logo
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), FREE  from the U.S. Treasury. Pay all federal taxes electronically - online or by phone 24/7. Visit to enroll.

Online e-services products are now available including the IRS Electronic e-file Application..  E-services is a suite of Web-based products that allow tax professionals and payers to do business with the IRS electronically.

Federal/State e-file
Information for Federal/State e-file.

Help Desk - Toll-Free Number for e-Help
e-Help desk assistors are ready to respond to non account-related questions and issues concerning all IRS e-products.

IRS e-file Participation
IRS e-file Participation information from Publication 3112 converted to Web content. This will allow continous updates to be available.

IRS e-file Providers Prohibited From Transmitting Returns Prior to Receiving Forms W-2, W-2G or 1099-R
Authorized IRS e-file Providers are prohibited from submitting electronic returns to the IRS prior to the receipt of all Forms W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R from the taxpayer.

The IRS e-file Library - includes Publications 3112, 1345, and 1345A, Filing Season Supplement.

Market Research Data
Results from IRS e-file Market Research Data including Attitudinal and Awareness Research, Demographic Research and Satisfaction Surveys.    

Nationwide Tax Forums
Dates and locations of the 2008 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums are available now.

New IRS e-file Security and Privacy Standards
The IRS has developed six (6) new security and privacy standards to better protect taxpayer information collected, processed and stored by Authorized IRS e-file Providers (Providers) participating in Online Filing of individual income tax returns.  Providers participating in Online Filing of individual income tax returns are strongly encouraged to implement these six (6) new measures for the 2009 filing season.

The IRS has partnered with various private industry companies to bring you affordable, convenient, user-friendly business e-file and payment options.

Payment Options
There are several ways to make a payment, including credit card, electronic funds transfer, check, money order, cashier’s check, or cash. Electronic payment options are the most convenient, safe and secure methods for paying taxes, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Practitioner PIN Method for e-file
Everything Tax Professionals Need to Know About Signing Their Client's Return using the Practitioner PIN Method.

Never miss another important e-file message with QuickAlerts! Calling "ALL" ERO's , Software Developers And Transmitters!! Did you know that the IRS has a "free" messaging system that gives you e-file information and submission processing center processing delays within moments of when they occur? 

Reporting Agents
Reporting Agents who have on file an Accepted Form 8633 Application to Participate in IRS e-file Program will automatically be permitted to use Electronic Account Resolution (EAR) and Transcript Delivery System (TDS).

Resources for Providers and ERO's
ERO Marketing Toolkit and more!  Includes the 2008 Refund Cycle Chart.

Self-Select PIN Method for e-file
Everything Tax Professionals Need to Know About Signing Their Client's Return using the Self-Select PIN Method.

Software and Other Tools for Your e-file Business
As a tax professional, you can take advantage of various e-file tax preparation software, Schedule D software, and e-file publications that provide timely information, advice and encouragement for your e-file business.  Make your business more efficient and less stressful!

Subscription Services
Subscription Services for Tax Professionals.

Tax Exempt Organizations (e-file for Large Tax Exempt Organizations)
The IRS released regulations requiring certain tax-exempt organizations to file annual returns electronically beginning in 2006.



Page Last Reviewed or Updated: April 06, 2009