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Researching the effects of underwater hydrothermal venting systems
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Vents conducts research on the impacts and consequences of submarine volcanoes and hydrothermal venting on the global ocean.

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    Today @Vents:
    Global compilation of hydrothermal vent locations

    Underwater Volcano Eruption Caught on Camera
    Discovery Channel


    Earthquake swarm at North Gorda

    Oregon Offshore Earthquakes
    600+ quakes in 10 days

    Antarctic Research
    OPB Oregon Field Guide

    Listen to Climate Change

    Long-term eruptive activity at a submarine arc volcano

    Vents multimedia web outlet

    Interactive dives to an active submarine volcano (6/8/05)

    Hydrophone Data of the EPR and North Atlantic now available. (5/13/03)

    Seismic Activity:
    Gorda-Blanco-S. JdF Event
    (July 2007)
    Gorda Ridge Event
    Endeavour Ridge Event &
    Event Response Cruise

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    2009 Lau Basin Eruption Exploration Expedition
    May 5-13, 2009
    In November 2008, the Vents program discovered two on-going eruptions in this area, one at W. Mata Volcano and the other on the NE Lau spreading center (NELSC). This expedition explores the sites of these two eruptions aboard the R/V Thompson using the ROV JASON.
    2008 Expedition to Lau Basin website

    Global Hydrothermal Vent Locations
    April 28, 2009
    A compilation identifying more than 350 hydrothermal discharge locations isavailable for download. The data set is a compilation of sites confirmed visually (“vent”) or inferred from water column measurements (“plume”). The sites are segregated into Midocean Ridge, Backarc Basin, Volcanic Arc, and Hotspot provinces.

    2009 Mariana Arc Expedition
    April 3-17, 2009
    This expedition focused on NW Rota-1, the only known actively erupting undersea volcano.  Dives with the ROV Jason made observations of the activity, collected samples, and deployed instruments that will monitor the activity over the next year.
    Vents Program Marianas website

      Oregon quake map
    Map of April 2008 earthquake swam. (click for full story.)

    Oregon Offshore Earthquakes
    April 2008
    NOAA Vents conducts response expedition to investigate earthquake swarms on Juan de Fuca plate and the Northern Gorda Ridge, offshore Oregon.

    Sounds of the Southern Ocean
    Nov. 20-Dec. 13, 2006
    -First attempt of deep-water ROV survey of hydrothermal vents and ecosystems in Antarctica. Hydrophones record sounds generated by moving ice sheets, undersea earthquakes and volcanoes; vocalizations from large baleen whales.
    2008: Listen to climate change (Oregonian 1/6/08)
    2006: Oregon Sea Grant Site
    2005: Oregon Sea Grant Site | NOAA Ocean Explorer Site
    Earth & Sky radio broadcast: A symphony of underwater sounds in Antarctica

    audio iconListen to Blue Whale sounds (52 Hz whale)

    National Science Teachers Association selects NeMO Explorer, Hydrothermal Plume Studies, and Chemical Oceanography as some of the best websites for sciLINKS.

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