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FEMA Releases Strategic Plan for FY 2008-2013

FEMA Strategic Plan FY2008-2013

FEMA’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2008-2013 outlines a clear roadmap for building a stronger, dynamic, and innovative New FEMA that fulfills our vision of becoming the Nation’s Preeminent Emergency Management and Preparedness Agency.  The Plan establishes strategic goals, objectives, and strategies that provide a solid framework for everyone in FEMA to see how their contributions fit in implementing FEMA’s vision.  To ensure our combined success, every organization within FEMA should develop strategic plans that help implement FEMA’s Strategic Plan, as well as performance plans that support their unit’s strategic priorities.

The New FEMA will reflect a strong and adaptable national emergency management system that better leverages existing national capabilities.  It will also increase emphasis on the responsibility for individual preparedness and enhanced public and private sector partnerships in mitigating all hazard risks.  Ultimately, we must all continue to demonstrate a commitment to actively build an invigorated and stronger agency that is more nimble, flexible, and efficient in using national resources.

FEMA Releases Annual Performance Addendum to accompany the FEMA Strategic Plan FY 2008-2013

The 2009 FEMA Annual Performance Addendum accompanies the FEMA Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2008 – 2013.  It contains performance measures reported in the Department of Homeland Security’s Annual Performance Report (APR).  These measures are baseline measures that align to FEMA’s strategic goals.  The addendum will be revised annually to update measures reported and to facilitate discussion regarding FEMA’s strategic direction.  It also represents FEMA’s commitment to measure the agency’s progress or short-falls in implementing its strategic direction.

Additionally, the addendum measures will be analyzed to identify possible gaps, overlaps, or inconsistencies with FEMA’s Strategic Goals.  The focus is to implement a system that effectively links planning, budgeting, and performance.  Once a baseline of program-specific performance measures is established, more strategic and cross-cutting outcome measures will be developed and reported in future addendums. 

The Office of Policy and Program Analysis would like to thank everyone who reviewed and commented on the addendum. 

To request a printed copy of the FEMA Strategic Plan or the FEMA Strategic Plan Brochure, please call the FEMA Distribution Center at 1-800-480-2520. The FEMA Performance Addendum is only available online.

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