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Region II

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Who We Are

Empire State Building, New York

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, created in 1979, under President Carter combined federal assets into a single agency to assist states when a disaster overwhelms its capacity to respond. Today, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA is comprised of 2,600 full time employees and nearly 4,000 reserve employees.  The Agency has responded to over 1,777 federal disasters and emergencies, coordinating federal disaster assets to supplement those of the states, commonwealth, territories, and tribal governments.

Who We Support

We support the states, commonwealth, territories and tribal nations. By law, the President considers a disaster request when submitted by the Governor.  When the President grants a federal disaster or emergency request, the Federal Emergency Management Agency activates to support the state. State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management.

What We Do

The people of the Federal Emergency Management Agency serve the United States by providing help to people impacted by disasters, working with state, local and tribal governments.  On call 24/7, FEMA's public servants are experts in the various fields of emergency management.  Reserve and full time employees work together on disaster operations.  As National assets, FEMA personnel deploy to a disaster as long as needed, and anywhere in the United States. Region II Contact Information.

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