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Remote Access (Dial Up and Cable/DSL)

There are various ways of accessing the NIH network from a remote location:

  • Parachute/Modem provides dial-up access to NIH and Institute computing resources while working with a home or mobile computer equipped with a modem. This method utilizes your current phone line though it does not allow voice calls to be made over the same line while connected to Parachute. Connection Speed: 56Kbps.
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows NIH employees to access the NIH network and computing resources over a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as that from Verizon DSL, AOL, or Comcast Cable. You will need to contact your third-party ISP to verify that the ISP allows VPN over their network. Connection Speed: Not applicable as this service uses your current Internet connection so it is dependent on that connection's speed.

For more information on Remote Access, visit login required.)

Remote Access Policy

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This page last reviewed: September 12, 2008